Client Planning Services

At WFIS, we help people first. People come in many shapes and sizes. Below is a description of core clients we serve:

Business Owners

What will you do with your business?  Sell it to a family member?  Gift it to a family member?  Sell it to a key employee? Close your business?  Sell it to an outsider?  How long will it take?  How will you retire?  Proceeds from the sale?  Pension?  Personal Savings?


Do you have comprehensive personal benefits, regardless of who your employer is?  Are your retirement assets invested in a way that complements your other investments?  Have you consolidated your retirment assets?  Do you review your implemented strategy annually?  Do your advisers work collaboratively with your best interests in mind?


Are you financially secure for a period as long as 30 years?  If you need chonic care can you afford it?  Do you want to leave a legacy to your next of kin? To your charity/church/synagogue?